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“Band Practice"

Band Practices are rock ensembles that meet once a week. This club is geared toward students ages 8-18 who want to jam. Band Practice is student led, with the help of a band coach. Students will work on playing well-known songs as a group, as well as writing original music. Official performances happen twice a year. Membership is $70/month for current Submarine students and $135/month for non-students. 


Perks: Submerween, the annual “Submarine Social” at Radio Social in January,  Making t-shirts and merch, doing recording projects, making a professional music video.  Free admission to 3rd Friday workshops.


Submarine String Circle

String circle meets twice a week. Mondays from 6:30-7:30 (more experienced levels) and Thursdays 5:00-6:00 (all levels.) Both classes are open to all stringed instruments, and are geared toward adults (though anyone 13 and up is welcome). Students will work on playing well-known traditional folk songs as a group. Official performances happen 3+ a year.  Open Enrollment. Membership is $70/month and includes dropins to either group.


Perks: The annual St. Paddy’s Day show at Rohrbach’s, Fiddlers Fair at Genesee Country Village, Turtle Hill Folk Festival.  Free admission to 3rd Friday workshops.


Submarine Singers

​Submarine Singers is divided up into two choral groups that each meet once a week. S.S. is encouraged for all voice students or just people who are interested in singing in a choir! Students will work on a repertoire of two or three part harmony music. Submarine Singers 1 is for all first-year singers ages 4-12. Submarine Singers 2 is for singers ages 8-12 who have completed at least one year of Submarine Singers.  Official performances happen twice a year. Sign ups are open. Membership is $70/month.


Adult Chorus

Adult choir is for teens (ages 13-19) and adults of all ages. It’s a chance to harmonize, vocalize, perform, and have fun with other singers. Performances throughout the year! Membership is $70/month. 


Adult Pops

All instruments are welcome! Come as you are. This group is unique in that it accepts all levels and learning abilities and incorporates traditional orchestral instruments with rock band instruments like drums, guitar and keys. As a group you’ll arrange and learn popular songs with the guidance of seasoned band leaders and professional musicians. The cost is $70/month. 


Pre-K Pops

This weekly group class is for children aged 3-5.  Students will learn popular songs using percussion, ukulele, xylophones and voice!  The cost is $70/month.


Submarine Music Project 

This weekly group class is for children aged 6-12.  Students will play popular songs using percussion, ukulele, keyboard, guitar, xylophones and voice! This is a select group, meaning students must be nominated by their teacher for being motivated, hard working, and musically motivated. Students who are invited to join must remain in good standing behaviorally and attend at least 3 classes/month to remain in this special ensemble. Students will have the option of meeting Tuesdays from 4-5pm or Thursdays from 4-5pm, or both. $70/month. 


Good Day Sunshine Baby Enrichment Class

This twice weekly group class is for children aged birth to two, accompanied by an adult. Good Day Sunshine brings a smart and silly, educational and entertaining, insightful and playful way to introduce music and movement at an early age. Membership includes drop ins to TWO class options per week. $70/month per child with an adult. Drop-ins are welcome ($25)

Ukulele Orchestra 

All ages 8 and up are invited to join the ukulele orchestra.  It’s a great chance to play ukulele and have fun learning new songs  in a group setting. Cost is $70/month.

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