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Our Private Classes



We teach a variety of guitar styles on acoustic or electric. Whether our students are starting from scratch or have songs prepared to practice, we can help you grow by exploring different genres that help develop different skills. 



Students will get the chance to learn fundamentals and theory while learning ​how to play their favorite songs. Like guitar, piano lessons are adapted from student to student to fit their learning style and interests.



From beginning voice lessons to professional vocal coaching​, students will learn breathing techniques, pitch production, projection​, stage presence and microphone techniques, all while forming a great repertoire of songs. Our main goal in voice lessons, is developing healthy, age-appropriate vocal practices. 


Drum students will practice basic skills, learn popular drum beats, read rhythms accurately and play to their favorite songs. For drum students looking to play to live music, "Band Practice" (Rock Ensemble) is recommended. 


Not only is Ukulele a wonderful life-long instrument, it is also a great way to get into playing an instrument for the first time. Especially for youngsters interested in eventually playing guitar. All ages can learn to play and sing with Ukulele. 

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Woodwinds, Brass, Strings, Reeds

We offer classes in specific instruments of all kinds, from mandolin, to flute, to bass


Songwriting takes practice. We offer individual and group songwriting classes to all ages and provide yearly opportunities for students to show their work.   

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Group Classes/Clubs
"Band Practice"

Band Practice are rock ensembles meet once a week. This club is geared toward students ages 8-18 who want to jam. Band Practice is student led, with the help of a band coach. Students will work on playing well-known songs as a group, as well as writing original music. Official performances happen twice a year. Membership is $60/month.

Submarine String Circle

String circle meets twice a week. Mondays from 6:30-7:30 (more experienced levels) and Thursdays 5:00-6:00 (all levels.) Both classes open to all stringed instruments, and are geared toward adults (though anyone 11 and up is welcome). Students will work on playing well-known traditional folk songs as a group. Official performances happen twice a year. Sign ups are open. Membership is $60/month.

Submarine Singers

​Submarine Singers is a choir that meets once a week. It is encouraged for all voice students who are interested in singing in a choir setting. Students will work on a repertoire of 2 part, 3 part and 4 part harmony music. Official performances happen twice a year. Sign ups are open. Membership is $60/month.

Good Day Sunshine Pre-K Enrichment Class

This weekly group class is for children age birth to two, accompanied by an adult. Good Day Sunshine brings a smart and silly, educational and entertaining, insightful and playful way to introduce music and movement at an early age. Membership includes drop ins to TWO class options per week. $60 month per child with adult. Drop-ins are welcome ($20)

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The Submarine School of Music provides tuition assistance on a sliding scale for qualifying youth ages 6 to 17, based on household income, family size, and special financial considerations. The funding will come from community fundraising and grants. Scholarships last 6 months and must be reapplied for biannually.


To be considered for a scholarship, fill out a Scholarship Application and submit to


Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis in the order in which they are received.  Due to a high number of applications, qualifying applicants will be contacted only if funding becomes available.

adult music lessons rochester ny
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